topdog pet care


Pets share our lives, our homes and sometimes our beds so frequent grooming is very important.  Topdog Pet Care provides bathing, brushing and styling for all breeds and our professional pet stylists will be happy to make grooming recommendations to keep your pets looking and feeling their best.

Pet Grooming


209 17th Street

Jackson, Mi 49203

Pet Care and Lodging

We offer our pet guests clean, comfortable accommodations in a fun, relaxed environment so you know your pet is well cared for in your absence. Each pet has a spacious 80 square foot indoor suite with a raised bed for comfortable rest periods.  Meals are served twice daily along with special treats and individual attention.  Fresh, cool water is always available. 

Pets enjoy outdoor exercise periods in our mini-yards.  The mini-yards are roofed to provide protection from sun, rain and snow.

Pets who play well with others may join in supervised romp and play sessions in the “Bark Park.”  The Bark Park has decks, tunnels, balls and tugs to play with.  Group play is limited to 3-5 dogs at a time and dogs are placed together according to size, sex and temperament to avoid unnecessary roughness and ensure safe, fun interaction between pets.